Call for Papers

Security Risk Economics: The Value of (Missing) Security

*** The submission deadline has already expired. ***

The IT Security Community Exchange 2021 (IT-SECX 2021) is an IT security conference with specialist lectures that brings together IT security experts from research, industry and science. We are currently planning four parallel presentation tracks.
The motto of this year’s IT-SECX is “Security Risk Economics: The Value of (Missing) Security”.

We look forward to receiving your entries on the following topics:

  • Security Economics
  • Risk & Security Management
  • Security Testing
  • Exploitation & Attack Methods
  • Web Application & Cloud Security
  • Botnets, Ransomware & Malware Detection
  • Forensics, CERTs & Incident Response
  • Secure Development
  • IoT Security
  • Networked Society
  • Information Integrity, Privacy & Anonymity
  • “No idea is too crazy“

Submission Guidelines

Lectures/presentations with a max. duration of 30 minutes (including discussion) can be submitted by 25 July 2021 (12:00 am) using the form.


  • Title of the lecture/presentation
  • Summary (~ 150 words)
  • Description (~ 500 words)
  • Short description of the submitter (~ 200 words)

As the programme committee’s assessment is based on the submitted documents only, the description should be as purposeful and conclusive as possible.
We set great store by supporting women in technology, so entries by female lecturers are particularly welcome.
We wish you a successful submission!